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Eat and stay healthy while traveling with meal prep.
Travel Ideas + Lists

5 Tips On How to Meal Plan When Traveling

It’s easy to give up your diet or healthy eating meal plan while traveling. Whether the trip is for business or pleasure, the constant rush of activities may result in tasty unhealthy beverages or snacks. But traveling is no excuse to stop eating healthily. If anything, your body needs a

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Digital nomad and freelancer visas around the world for remote work.

Best Freelance And Digital Nomad Visas

Have you thought about working remotely from a different location every year? Luckily, this is entirely possible as the way people work and live today is rapidly changing. All you need is a digital nomad visa and a thirst to explore new cultures and horizons. We investigated the matter in

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5 Awesome Destinations for Golf Lovers
Travel Ideas + Lists

5 Awesome Destinations for Golf Lovers

If you’re a lover of golf and enjoy traveling, putting the two together can be a great way to take in new sights. You can play on some of the best golf courses in another country. Whether it’s domestic championship or famous international courses, here are five excellent destinations for

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How to avoid exhaustion when traveling.
Travel Tips

Seven Tips for Feeling a Little Less Exhausted on Vacation

You have high hopes when you go on vacation. You envision restful nights, busy days, and plenty of time relaxing by the pool. Unfortunately, vacations rarely go exactly how we planned. Many of us spend our vacation days feeling just as tired, if not more tired, than when we’re at

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